Futbol vs. Football

Ah yes, Futbol and Football. Homonyms that have undoubtedly graced the lips of just about every sports fan across the globe. Everybody loves soccer, or futbol as it’s more widely known, and if you don’t you’re probably really into Football. So why all the hubbub?! Which is better? More fun to watch? Has the better athletes? A cursory google search of ‘football vs. futbol’ and you’ll see plenty of debate surrounding the subject. For the record, it doesn’t matter much to us at GS. Show us the neck of sports fan and we’ll show you the true icon of support-a custom scarf with an epic design, a vibrant color scheme, and an unbelievably comfortable feel. Boom baby! We’re breaking down walls!

Still, the whole futbol vs. football debate has intrigued us to no end; two words that sound the same yet inspire entirely different kinds of fervor among fans. Which is why we’re going to dive in and get the real scoop on what’s going on between football and futbol.

Let’s start with the major differences:

1. The Fans

Is there a quantifiable way to differentiate between soccer and football fans? Believe you and me, there are plenty of ways. But one major difference that truly gets to the heart of the soccer vs. football debate is RIOTING. To be sure, Futbol fans riot after they LOSE. Football fans riot after they WIN. Ponder that one for a minute.

2. The Flops

Funny Futball Flops

Futball Flops

One thing is for certain: there are a helluva lot more flops in soccer than in football. In fact, i’m not even sure i’ve ever seen a football flop.

Football Flops

Oh, wait. Well, nevermind. They certainly exist, but you’ve got to admit, soccer players really give their all to the floppage in a way that you don’t see in American football. A lot of football fans would consider this to be the greatest blemish on the face of global soccer, but we think just the opposite. Let ‘em flop! It’s hilarious, it’s gotten to the point where it’s impossible to not consider flopping as part of the game, and they’re always going to do it. So we say, Let ‘em flop!

3. The Bars

A blog recently published (ahem) on Complex, detailed all the differences between Soccer bars and Football bars. It’s pretty funny. Basically, soccer fans are way more interested in better beer, dressing fancily, and celebrating anything and everything, even a shot that’s ten feet wide of the goal, at their favorite pub. Football fans by contrast, are much more interested in winning (a tie game is basically a loss) and drinking sub-par beer in elaborate ways, i.e. beer pong, beer bongs, towers of beer, chugging, etc.

Futball Fans Drinking Beer After A Game

Either way, beer is ingested in large quantities by fervent individuals who are hellbent on having a good time. Which begs the question, how different are these people really? Let’s dig into the similarities between Football and Soccer fans. We might learn a thing or two.

Here are some similarities between soccer and football fans.

1. The Celebrations

Futball Celebration team Dance
Exhibit A

Football Celebration team Dance
Exhibit B. I Rest My Case

2. The Face paint

Aside from outlandish victory dances, another thing that brings football and soccer together is the whacky facepaint donned by the most ardent fans of each sport. Yes, fans far and wide, young and old, of soccer and of football, all love to paint their faces in support of their squad. In many cases it can make a fan look pretty goofy, which just highlights the level of dedication undergone by the facepainting fan.

My favorite Soccer facepaint, get a load of that nose:

favorite Soccer facepaint

My favorite football fan face paint, the couple that wears the wierdo goofy gear together, stays together:
football fan face paint

The Scarves

custom football scarvescustom soccer scarf

Hey, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; show us a neck and we’ll wrap it up! A custom scarf from GS looks great on just about any sort of fan you can toss our way! Soccer, football, hockey, you name it, we’ll scarf it! Furthermore, as you’ve probably already gleaned from our careful investigation, there really isn’t that big of a difference between soccer and football. It’s all pretty much the same, aside from when you can use your hands and how many people on the team are trying to kick the ball. So, why can’t we all be friends and don our scarves in true support of our favored squads in mutual admiration? I’m not sure why, but it seems like we’ll have to wait an eternity for peace between these two factions. In the meantime,  remember, Futbol or Football, Global Scarves has you covered.

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